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Tobago has plenty of events to interest you, from bird-watching and rain-forest-walking, to lounging on the beach or diving around the world-famous reefs.


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The birds
There is a tremendous variety of birds to be seen in Tobago, too many to mention in detail here. A number of sites recommend viewing venues to visit. Two are listed here and here.
Our back yard has many visiting birds during the course of the day, and they will be encouraged by a daily offering of fruit and cheese.
  Emerald Hummingbird
Bird mixture   Cocrico, Chacalaca

Roaming dogs are a part of life in Tobago. Please keep the gates shut, and don’t feed them. Similarly for the local cats. A mother and kittens seem to have adopted the house. If you feed them, you won't get many birds.

Chickens also come into the garden. Normally they live opposite and are the true free-range type so you may even get some eggs. Cook them (the eggs, silly!), as they will be the freshest if the dogs don’t beat you to them!

Goats. The people in the house below us keep a male goat for racing. He is friendly and docile, but keep him out as he likes everything I plant, as do the sheep!

Feed us, please!  
    Chicks hitching a lift.  
At the back, you will see barred antshrikes and even the blue-crowned mot-mot from time to time. Here, fruit or cheese is acceptable as it brings a greater variety of birds, and of course the ever-present bananas are a big draw.
In the front you will see bananaquits fighting over the liquid feeder, whilst hummingbirds visit the blue flowering plants. Doves and tropical mockingbirds fight over the solid food, and you might even get a visit from a Cocrico trying to eat quietly the guava found to the right of the pool, though inevitably failing miserably!
                    Green Hummingbird      
              Blue Tanager          
Fire precautions.
Most people will tend to go to the Caribbean in the dry season [ usually December to May ]. During this time forest fires can be very common, and do cause great destruction to the vegetation and property.
fire pictures    
Clearly, care should be taken during this time, especially around woods and forest. Discarded matches and cigarettes or even bottles could lead to serious loss.

In early 2007, a severe dry season resulted in a great many fires which temporarily scarred the landscape.

fire devastation  
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