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As well as a huge variety of birds, Tobago has a fascinating amount of plant and insect life. There is a number of harmless reptiles to be found also.


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  • Mosquitoes can be a nuisance. Keep windows and doors shut as much as possible when darkness falls (about 6.15pm). Our bedrooms are air-conditioned, but use spray and repellent burners as thought necessary. Spare bug mats are always worth buying. Marmite is supposed to be good as a mosquito repellent when eaten [no, not rubbed on], so have it on toast regularly for breakfast.
  • Ants get everywhere if allowed. Do not leave food open too long, and stuff dropped on the floor soon attracts them. They seem to like salty things [crackers, cashews] in particular.
  • Similarly with mice. No food, no mice.
  • Lizards are friendly, so don’t worry about them.
  • There is a large harmless toad in our back garden, somewhere.
  • One plant to avoid in Tobago is called cow-itch. The young plant is harmless, but the seedpods have a hairy coating that can cause severe rashes. Avoid. There is none in the garden at this time.
Delicate red flower
  • Snakes are rarely seen, so if you meet one just leave it alone. They are grass snakes, beneficial to the countryside, and harmless. Poisonous ones exist only in Trinidad.
  • Bats are harmless (and eat the mossies).
  • Infrequently, there are large spiders (tarantulas). Just leave them alone. They are more frightened of you.
  • Fireflies are plentiful and fascinating to watch.
  • Hurricanes do happen, especially in the months of August and September [Ivan, September 2004; Dennis, September, 2005]. Luckily they are much more rare in the southern Caribbean, the last one to do serious damage in Tobago was in 1963.
  • Wasps can be a nuisance, though their nests are not usually found around the grounds. However, if you come across a nest, heed the warning!
Leave well alone!
Grass Snake   So that's what's been eating my plants!
Yellow Hibiscus   Wood Slave    
          Small delicate flower  

There is a large variety of plants to be found in Tobago. On this and other pages are pictures of flowers, fruit, birds and wildlife, taken mainly within our grounds. Other photographs can be found on the Further Pictures page.


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