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A fair number of the web sites will tell you about the beaches. There are plenty, and the ones on the windward (south) coast tend to be quieter due to more wind, less facilities and the sand looking darker. If you want to be alone, these are well worth exploring.

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Brief comments on some of the more popular beaches.


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The nearest beach to the apartments is Bacolet beach, 5 minutes by car, just to the east of Scarborough.

To reach it from the apartment, drive to the main highway traffic lights, turn left and follow the highway until you reach the next set of lights. Turn right and drive into Upper Scarborough. At the lights, continue across into Bacolet St. past the main fire station. Continue along, past a cemetery on the right, then guest houses until you see a small sign for Blue Haven Hotel. Just by the white picket fence is the sign for Bacolet Beach. It is a small entrance with stone steps leading down.

The beach is run by the hotel, and has a bar/restaurant on the sand. Mornings are the best time to be there for sun and to watch the ferries come and go. It is well shaded in the afternoon, good during the hot season.

  Pigeon Point from pier.
Pigeon Point pier
Pigeon Point, near the airport, is perhaps the most well-known facility in Tobago, and perhaps the Caribbean.
Up to a short while ago, it was privately owned and was becoming run-down. The local Government has bought the site and made it much better. There is an admission charge, not too expensive, and the beach and sea are well worth a visit. Bars and food places are there, catering for all tastes, though you can take your own. You can find changing rooms/showers/ toilets and places to hire sports equipment or buy souvenirs.
It is well posted from the main road.
Grange Bay sunset  
Some north-side beaches, popular with tourists, are reached easily from the airport along main highway by turning into the Shirvan Road, and driving past a number of good restaurants. If you continue, you will pass through the Mt. Irvine golf course then immediately reach Grange Bay, which is popular with the local people, but has no facilities.
Continuing on, you will see a light fawn stone wall which encloses Mt. Irvine Hotel beach. To access the beach, park by the wall and pass by the guard hut. There is a restaurant/bar (good burgers) and loungers for rent, and you will have to pay for the changing facilities.

Following the road past Mt. Irvine Public Beach, which also has reasonable facilities and good surfing, you will soon see signs for Stone Haven Bay. This is a favourite, long sandy beach with some restaurant / bar facilities and souvenir sellers. The excellent Seahorse Inn is based here.

A little further along this road you can see a sign for Fort Bennett. Here is an outlook with little of the fort remaining, but the situation is great for those sunset pictures across Stone Haven Bay.

Continuing along the main road brings you to Great Courland Bay, with Turtle Beach Hotel at the far end. There is parking on the opposite side of the road, near the tennis courts, to enable you to reach the beach, or you can go through the hotel, and use their bar / restaurant facilities.
During the turtle breeding season, March - August, the hotel will take your telephone number and put you on the Turtle Watch list. Be aware that the turtles invariably come up to lay their eggs late at night, but seeing these magnificent and threatened creatures is not to be missed.

      Mt. Irvine beach facilities      
Stone Haven Bay
  Castara beach    

Other sandy beaches on the north coast can be reached from Upper Scarborough by driving along the Northside Road, going through Calder Hall, Mason Hall and Moriah.
The first good beach is at Castara Bay. This has fine sand and a good community feel with plenty of facilities.
Further along you will come to Englishmans Bay, set off the main road. Here you will find a steeper beach with deep water, some souvenir sellers and one eatery ( plus a man selling expensive ice-cream ).
Driving further, one reaches Parlatuvier Bay, which has a fishing village and some snackettes.
The next bay, Bloody Bay, was very secluded, but there is development at the moment, so is less attractive.


A number of beaches of note can be found on the southern, more wind-swept side.
From Scarborough, you follow the Windward Road past Dwight Yorke Stadium and come to Hope on Hillsborough Bay, a long stretch of sand, good for the early morning jog.
Further, you will find Granby Point, site of an old fort at the end of Pinfold Bay, then a long drive before coming to Roxborough. Not long after this is posted signs for Kings Bay, which has a nice beach and various facilities. Nearby, Queens bay exists, but is more difficult to find, and has no real things of note.
You will eventually come to Speyside in Tyrrel's Bay, the diving capital of eastern Tobago, with some beaches, but you should continue to Charlotteville, in Man'O'War Bay. Here there are plenty of places to eat and rest, and for many Trinidadians this is the best place to stay.

Parlatuvier Bay  
Canoe Bay, in the same vein as Pigeon Point, is a private beach with facilities, on the south facing shore. It has a reasonable, shallow beach and facilities, but there is a small daily fee to pay. It is well posted off of the main highway when driving past Shirvan Road.

On the way back to England, after checking in for your overnight flight you will have about 2-3 hrs wait. We often go to Store Bay beach if early enough either for food, shopping or a last swim. It is only 5 minutes walk, and the beach is quite lively. There are plenty of souvenir shops for that last-minute purchase. As a bonus, for TT$10 one can use the shower facilities enabling you to change directly into your in-flight clothing . Definitely worth doing!

Our favourite beaches are Stone Haven Bay and Englishman’s Bay.


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