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Below will be found photographs representing some of the variety of bird and plant life existing on the Island. All of these pictures were taken within our grounds. Aspects of Tobago life are also depicted, though it will be better if you come to see for yourself!


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Some extra pictures of the apartments, life to be found in the grounds and of Tobago in general.



Lower House

Lower House Availability

Upper House

Upper House Availability


Further Pictures

              Two bananaquits         Mot-mot with mango    

Emerald hummingbird

        Feeding hummingbird       Competing hummingbirds      
                      Plants in the Grounds  
  Artistic display of leaves by the pool         Red hibiscus   Pink oleander      
  Frangipani       White trumpet flowers   Seed pods      
Flower close-up               Blue climbing flowers        
          Busy bee        

House and Garden

Prayer room       Veranda with Barbeque   Quiet times      
                                Garden Wildlife                                  
Resident crapeau       Lizards in love   Wood slave      
My favourite caterpillar!       Lounge lizard   Very interesting spider      
  Waterfall             Water Pool               Waterfall        


Start of Great Cycle Race Look out, Beckham!
Internet Laundry? Fire across the Valley Boats at sunset
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