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General items dealing with Information, Finance and Health matters will be found on this page, along with some useful emergency numbers.

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Information can be obtained from the Department of Tourism situated directly opposite the exit from the Crown Point Airport baggage lounge [ it will probably be hidden by the large number of taxi drivers who meet each arrival, especially the transatlantic planes ] ( see picture ). It is worth popping in there if only to ask for the current copy of the tourist newspaper Tobago Today and any maps they may have. You can also pick up useful road maps while queuing at Immigration Control.
Intermittant showers
Tourist information
British High Commission in Trinidad
PO Box 778
19 St Clair Avenue
St Clair
Port of Spain
Tel: Trinidad 622 2748
e-mail: ppabhc@opus.co.tt
Weather information here
Emergency Numbers

Fire 639-2108 990
Police 639-1200 999
Ambulance 639-2222 990

There are three T&T daily newspapers, Express, Guardian and Newsday, and the local weekly Tobago News which comes out Fridays, and can be useful for events on the island.

Banks can be found in and near the airport, as well as in Scarborough. Banking hours can vary, though for most banks the hours are 8am to 2pm, Mondays to Thursdays, and on Fridays 8am to 1pm, and 3pm to 5pm. Go early.
The Trinidad and Tobago dollar (TT$) tends to be tied to the US dollar and is the unit of currency [100 cents = 1 TT$. 6TT$ ~ 1US$ ], though US$ can be accepted in some places [see below]. Visitors with £GB or Euros will need to change them, best at any of the banks.
A 15% Value Added Tax (VAT) is charged on most goods and services.
There is a TT$100 airport departure tax, payable as you leave, so do remember to keep this (children under five years old and T&T nationals over 60 are exempt). There is NO departure tax between Trinidad and Tobago.

Travelers’ cheques, international credit cards, and US cash [not UK] are readily accepted at major hotels and some shops. You can access TT cash at the automatic banking machines.

Exchange rates can be found at xe.net.

Environmental issues can be found at ema.co.tt or scsoft.de.        
If you need any further information from us, please contact info@tobagolettings.com      

In case of medical emergency information on a number of doctors will be made available.
Pharmacies can be found in Scarborough, along the main road from the airport, in Carnbee and other locations. Some of them are called drug stores, and the pharmacy part tends to be at the back. You can buy legal drugs over the counter without a prescription if need be.
The main hospital is above Scarborough in the Fort, and caters for emergencies (639-2551/2/3/4/5/6). There is a new hospital being built just off the main highway, but progress on this has ground to a halt, so there is now no timetable on its opening date.

Dentists can be found in Scarborough and around. We have not yet had recourse to one to be able to recommend. For us oldies, a denture repair workshop can be found next to the Brown Betty bar [by Courts Department store in upper Scarborough].

Opticians are few and far between. Lynch Optical (660 7097) can be found in Robinson Street, Scarborough, and Infinite Eyes is in the Morshead supermarket complex, off the Shirvan road. Optical supplies can be found opposite Pennysavers on the main road in Canaan.
If you need to have spectacles repaired, unfortunately they will be sent to Trinidad so it is a good idea to carry an old spare pair just in case!
Telephone calls
Mobiles from England will work in Tobago, provided they have been set for roaming. If you wish to make a local call using your home mobile, remember to dial 001 868 prior to the number.
We supply a local mobile for your use, on a pay-as-you-go tariff, as calls from and around T&T are reasonably cheap this way. Don't forget to dial +44 first.
To make a call to England using a T&T land line, dial 011 44 followed by the English number.
Be aware that sending text messages from T&T may cost you about 56p per text, as we found out to our dismay.
Laundry and internet cafe

Internet cafes can be found around fairly easily. We have used one at the airport behind the row of shops, costs TT$10 /half hour, or one upstairs at Gordons Plaza opposite the Hilton turnoff along the way from the airport, costs TT$10 /hour. There are also plenty in and around Scarborough and the tourist beaches.

Web sites on Tobago are now becoming very plentiful, such as simplytobago and mytobago and many can easily be found with a general search.

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