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There are plenty of places for eating out, especially of course the larger hotels, and good local Caribbean food is easily found.

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Some of the eating places around the Island we go to regularly, in no particular order.
  • Glendales, in the same road as the smaller of the two supermarkets near the house. Good for lunchtime food. The locals get there early [11am onwards], and they sell out by 1pm. They also do breakfast food, but this tends to sell out very early.
  • Harriet’s. Stall no. 6 in the covered market in Scarborough. Serves food from 6am, and finishes about 12 noon. Great food even though stall appears untidy. Don’t worry.
  • Ma Kings, the bar opposite the main car-park in Scarborough. Traditional food.
  • Store Bay stalls, especially for lunch if you are in the region.
  • Two restaurants in Dutch Fort, the road that runs parallel with the main Scarborough shopping street; Eddies, just up from the sea front, general Caribbean food, shuts late; Lal’s, an Indian food café which also seems to be open in the afternoons. Good roti.
  • If shopping in upper Scarborough, the bar Brown Betty next to Courts Department Store serves good lunchtime food, though it looks a bit of a dive.
  • Melange. English-trained chef, gourmet food, but expensive.
  • Me Shell's, Caribbean food, just along the road from Melange.
  • Patricia's Bakery, on the Northside Road at Calder Hall has excellent fresh bread and pastries, both sweet and savoury.
      Golden Flower
    Little Sparrow            
  • The Buccaneers, part of the Grafton Beach Resort , for sunday lunch.
  • Seahorse Inn, also at Grafton beach. Very good food and an excellent wine list.
  • Bonkers, Toucan Inn. Great food / good wine list, though not cheap.
  • Salsa Kitchen, in Pump Mill Road (by the main Highway/Scarborough traffic lights) serves tapas-type food. The food service is slow, but is freshly cooked and tasty. Open Tuesday-Sunday. Book during high season.
Snack bar
Tobago Delights
  • Bamboo Mile Grill / Bar. Not far away from the airport, on the main road. Great food and bar. Closed Tuesdays.
  • The Tree-house, Speyside. Good local food, a set meal but expensive as they cater for tourists.
  • Saturday Soup. A very traditional dish. A big bowl of broth containing plenty of vegetables and meat. Certainly worth trying, and will set you up for the rest of the day. We go to the Little Sparrow, a bar along the south-side road just outside Scarborough.
  • Another favourite for Saturday Soup is the Golden Flower bar and restaurant in Moriah. This also does an excellent Sunday lunch, well priced. Best to ring in advance as again the food soon runs out on Sunday [660 0568].
  • Also as you drop down into Speyside, we can recommend Marlene’s for a lunchtime takeaway Roti. Sit on the beach looking out on Goat Island and Little Tobago whilst eating.
  • Vegetarian food can be found in the shopping mall in Scarborough.
  • The Tristar Restaurant and bar in the airport, provides good Caribbean food at very reasonable prices.
  Roti shop  
Goat Island and Little Tobago
Please be aware that the Windward road (south side) doesn't have many places to eat until you reach Speyside except for one or two Roti shops and a couple of bars.

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