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Here you will find some comments relating to transport in Tobago, such as car hire and taxis. Cycling in Tobago is a good way to see the island, though bear in mind the Island is very hilly and is used for International Cycle Races.


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Buses are few and far between. Most people take the local taxis [vehicles with an H prefix to the number plate] and pay cash to the non-metered driver. Private cars [prefix P] will also stop. It is courtesy to offer the driver the fare, and some will accept. The fare from Scarborough up to the house is TT$5, and from Scarborough to Mt Irvine beach is about TT$10.

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Taxis from the airport terminal are relatively expensive, costing TT$70-75 to Summerhill, so we tend to avoid them. If you are uncluttered, you can walk right to the crossroads [100yds] and flag down a [H] hire car. The fare will be much less [see above].

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Hired car is our usual method of transport, and we get a rate of around TT$300/day, The general rate tends to be around TT$250-350 depending what you need. It is the best way to see the island, and of course the most convenient. Remember to bring your driving license for each person driving.


If you have looked at other web sites, you will know about the driving. Be aware that drivers will tend to stop, often without warning, to pick up passengers or even just to “lime” with their mates or anybody willing to listen. Be careful of their hand signals, as a hand out often means:

  • I am stopping.
  • I am turning right.
  • I am turning left.
  • I am waving to my mates.
  • Please overtake.
  • Please don’t overtake.

All or any or none of these.
Needless to say the hand signals are identical.

If you get a puncture over a weekend, one of the few places open locally on a Sunday morning is to be found ½ mile on the left past the PennySavers at Carnbee.

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Small maps of Tobago may be available in the house, but if you hire a car it will be worthwhile asking the hire company for one or two. Depending on the company, they should give you some.

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