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Though an Island of peace and tranquility, Tobago has plenty of pastimes to amuse you, from diving and driving, golfing and gliding to walking and waterfalls.


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Many of the Tobago web sites will suggest places to eat/drink/dance etc. Below are just a few ideas from us:


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Sunday School, which is not as expected, but a local gathering on a Sunday evening at Buccoo, near Mt. Irvine. The locals go there, as do the tourists, to “lime”, dance, listen to steel band music and generally chill out. We tend to go at least once each time we are down. We would recommend eating before you go. They charge twice as much as standard places for food, as it tends to be only the tourists who eat, though booze comes at standard prices.

Hilton Plantations, the biggest hotel complex, which includes a golf course. This is a relatively new development, and worth popping into, especially on a Friday night for happy hour. This is currently 6:00 – 7:00pm in the Robinson Crusoe bar and 8:00 - 9:00pm in the Palm Court Lounge, though this does change and is best checked. The normally expensive drinks become affordable.
PS, a great place to get married!


We used to stay at Sandy Point Village. On Wednesdays the restaurant had a local soul group and a steel band ( Buccoo Buccaneers, see Sunday School, above ) on Saturdays. The food is good value.

Our English friend based in Tobago, Mark Puddy, regularly organises hiking trips to the less well-known regions of Tobago, especially the myriad of waterfalls to be found. These treks are well worth doing for the scenery and bird-life. For the longer ones he will include a packed lunch.

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The beach bar at the Grafton Beach Hotel, the Buccaneers, had happy hour from 6:00 to 8:00, and musical entertainment as well. I believe this is to return. Worth it for the sound of the sea as the sun sets.

The Sundowners Bar in the Crown Point Beach Hotel has a 2 for 1 night each Wednesday from 7 – 11pm.

Opposite the Buccaneer, the Seahorse Inn has a happy hour, 5:30–6:30pm, mainly for cocktails.

                Protecting the goal?

The Tobagonians love their sport, and games can be seen over the whole island. Perhaps you will be invited to join in. Also to be found are:

  • Golf. Two good courses can be found, at Mt. Irvine and at the Hilton Plantations.
  • Diving / snorkeling. Tobago is renowned for its reefs and will not fail to please everyone with its variety of dives, for beginners and experienced divers alike.
  • Bird watching. With the enormous variety of bird life, you will be entranced daily with different hummingbirds, amused with the antics of bananaquits, and deafened by the national bird, the Cocrico.
  • Surfing can be enjoyed at Mt. Irvine Public beach. We are told the surf is good.
  • Sailing is an all-year pastime (and see Sail Week).
  • Cycling also goes on all year, especially for the enthusiasts training for the International Cycle Week, and bikes can be hired easily. Remember, a large proportion of Tobago is hill.
Cyclists racing in Tobago
The end of Sail Week

For food:-
There are two supermarkets within 10 mins walking distance of our house, one of which (Cost Cutters) stays open till 10pm most nights.
You will have come past Pennysavers along the main road from the airport, and if in a rented car, it is worth stopping on the way to the apartment the first day to get the basics to tide you over. Hint, buy a bag of ice-cubes, only TT$6 and should last you a week. We also buy bottled water, normally v. large bottles [1 gal], and top up the smaller bottles from this. The tap water is safe for cooking and making hot drinks.
The main market in Scarborough is worth going to for vegetables/fruit and general feel of the place. You can park easily next to it in the main car park except for Saturdays, which tend to be buzzy. The enclosed bit of the market has fresh meat [do you know how to cook goat?].
We often go to a bar called Ma Kings, directly across the road from the car park. You can find typical Caribbean food to eat there, cheaply.

When did you say dis place open?  
For drink:-
The main drink in Tobago is Stag or Carib beer [both lagers and both brewed by Carib] and rum. These are cheap especially if bought in the supermarkets.
There are some air-conditioned wine shops such as in the ones in the small malls opposite Pennysavers both on the main road and at Carnbee. The prices are about double English prices, but remember they do have to import from a distance. We tend to get our spirits at the duty-free on the way to Tobago.
One drink that is particularly refreshing is water straight from coconuts , which are sold everywhere. The vendor will open them directly in front of you and even give you a straw, or you can ask to have them prepared to take home to open later. Coconut jelly is also tasty, and requires the coconut to be opened fully.
A word of warning; coconut water stains clothing brown, and stains permanently! Open the coconut carefully if doing it yourself, as the water inside is under slight pressure and will spurt out.
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  Out of place!        
Fresh fish can be bought just by Mt Irvine beach every day about 4pm. You may have to fight off the locals to get to the best deals, as the catch literally has just landed. A number of villages on the east coast [Roxborough, Speyside] also have the local fishermen selling by the roadside. You need to keep your eyes open for these.
Frequently the fresh catch is bought to Scarborough car park at about 5pm from Parlatuvier
Pigeon Point Road also has fish in the morning, again just landed.

For gifts.
As Tobago isn’t yet too touristy, there are not many places to go for things to take home:

  • Around Store Bay and Pigeon Point. Locally made stuff as well as T-shirts Hilton hotel on a Friday evening.
  • Tobago cigars can be bought in the shopping mall in Scarborough or in the Duty Free shop at the airport. They are hand-made by a resident Cuban, come highly recommended and can be bought more cheaply from him in the Pizza restaurant next to the RBTT outlet near the airport.
  • A large shopping mall has been built next to the main highway opposite the Hilton, called Lowlands Mall. It has a variety of shops, and a cinema complex is currently being built close by.
  • The area around the market in Scarborough is gradually expanding and aimed at the cruise ships that arrive on a weekly basis. Check out the Esplanade kiosks. More are open during the cruise-ship season [November – April].
  • Buccoo Sunday School, Sunday evening, is useful for tourist stuff and a clothing shop.
  • The airport has a small duty-free area outside, mainly for booze, fags and perfume, and one inside after check-in, which does the usual range of duty-free goods at reasonable prices.
        The Esplanade    


Tobago is not best known for its clubbing. Apart from the major hotels there are few places to go late night, such as The Deep Night Club at Sandy Point Village.
There was Shade in Bon Accord, but unfortunately had a fire this summer.
There is Kaiso Club Casino on Milford Road for gamblers.
Cat and Fiddle, Lambeau, Fridays.
A fuller listing can be found at this site.

Dock Workers Social Club                        

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